Kamloops Skydivers

Kamloops Skydivers

The Kamloops Skydivers Sport Parachute Club has been skydiving in the Kamloops area over 50 years.

Our club is sustained by our members who all volunteer their time to the club.  It seems to have been working well since we are one of the oldest, active skydiving clubs in Canada!

When you come skydiving with us, our goal is to provide you with a safe, fun and exhilarating skydive experience.  We introduce many people to our sport through our tandem skydives, first jump courses and our gradual freefall courses.

Join us for the 51st consecutive May Meet in 2018!


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2965B Airport Road
Kamloops, BC V2B 7W9
C182, C206
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Dean Schryver